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An easy and quick way of financing, usually without additional security. Often secured only by the value of the financed asset
You can obtain the loan without having to submit your financial statements
A simple approval process
Retroactive financing of purchased vehicles within 1 month of their purchase

Product information

Our leasing services can flexibly adapt to the changing needs of your company. With leasing, you will release capital that you can invest in your business. You also have the following benefits and options:

  • Comprehensive offer of leasing services – Finanční leasing, Operativní leasing, Full-service Operativní leasing & Fleet management, Účelový úvěr vázaný na vozidlo
  • Low capital expenditures. You can purchase a vehicle with a very low or even zero down payment
  • Optional repayment period of 12 to 72 months
  • Fixed instalments throughout the repayment period
  • Leasing does not increase the overall credit exposure of the client
  • Leasing payments are tax-deductible