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For clients holding over 1.5 million CZK in assets (deposits and investments) with Raiffeisenbank

FREE if used actively

Unlimited number of Debit MasterCard GOLD payment cards

Benefits of EXKLUZIVNÍ účet

Higher interest rate applied to Spořící účet GOLD, a savings account maintained in CZK and EUR

Unlimited number of incoming foreign payments from outside EEA

Unlimited number of Debit MasterCard GOLD and one RB PREMIUM credit card included in the account price

Inter-bank payments to/from Česká spořitelna, AIR Bank, CREDITAS and Komerční banka done in seconds

PRÉMIOVÝ and EXKLUZIVNÍ účet compared

Free maintenance With monthly turnover on the account of at least 50,000 CZK in one or two transactions With at least 1.5 million CZK held in deposits and investments at Raiffeisenbank
Debit card included in the price Debit MasterCard GOLD BASE Debit MasterCard GOLD
Savings account on preferential terms Spořicí účet XL Spořicí účet GOLD
Payments outside EEA included in the price One incoming or outgoing foreign payment per month Unlimited number of incoming foreign payments
Standard monthly price 250 CZK 750 CZK
Price if used actively Free of charge Free of charge

Free if used actively

We will maintain your EXKLUZIVNÍ účet free of charge if you use it actively. This means that you hold at least 1,500,000 CZK in deposits and investments with Raiffeisenbank. Otherwise, the monthly fee applicable to EXKLUZIVNÍ účet is 750 CZK. Active use is evaluated for the preceding month; for example, account activity for August is evaluated on 30 September.

Professional financial advisory - Premium Way

Every stage of life brings different challenges, defining the priorities of your financial needs. We are able to respond to any such need in a professional manner, proposing an optimal solution matching your specific situation in life. Our PREMIUM WAY exclusive service gives you long-term professional care tailored to meet your current needs.

Exclusive Debit MasterCard GOLD payment card

Debit MasterCard GOLD

  • Prestigious international embossed card with a gold design and superior weekly limits for payments and withdrawals
  • Travel insurance for the cardholder and his or her family and card abuse insurance free of charge
  • Free access to airport lounges in Prague and Vienna
  • Attractive discounts at VIP Premium RB Club member retailers

Other benefits of EXKLUZIVNÍ účet

  • Free withdrawals from ATMs of all banks in the Czech Republic or abroad
  • Up to 19 currencies under one account number (CZK, EUR, USD, GBP, CHF, JPY, CAD, PLN, HUF and more)
  • Higher interest applied to your Spořící účet GOLD
  • Unlimited number of EUR foreign payments within EEA
  • 1% off the interest rate of your Hypotéka na bydlení mortgage loan
  • 1,000 CZK interest-free reserve to prevent unauthorized account overdraft
  • Mobile phone payments using RaiPay and Apple Pay