• We give you an indirect comparison with companies of similar size Benefit 2 – We reveal the strengths and weaknesses of your company
  • We reveal the strengths and weaknesses of your company
  • We compare your business with the most successful companies on the market


Company analysis offers you an external view of company management with conclusions you can build on. The analysis includes:
  • an overview of important findings on how your company works
  • a comparison of your business with other companies on the market
  • identification of opportunities and threats that can be considered when deciding on further development
  • presentation of the analysis by a corporate adviser supported by an experienced analyst

This analysis provides important information for more effective decisions on the further development of your company. The material analyses areas such as the macroeconomic situation and your sector, relationships with customers and suppliers, business vision and strategy, business structure, financial management and others.

  • Financial statements of your company for the last 6 years and a completed questionnaire in electronic form
  • To prepare a more accurate and detailed analysis, we will appreciate if you provide us the balance sheet and PL plan for the coming two years, a document containing your vision and strategy, an organizational chart of management, product prospects and other materials

The service is intended for Raiffeisenbank’s corporate clients.

The fee is CZK 20,000, excl. of VAT.