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Internet Banking

Internet Banking is a service that will allow you to work with your accounts through the Internet 24 hours a day.

Service Description

Internet Banking is a service that will allow you to work with your accounts through the Internet 24 hours a day.

  • Anybody can work with his account through the Internet. You do not have to be an expert and you do not need any special equipment. All you need is Internet connection.
  • We provide Internet Banking services to our current and new clients who have current and savings accounts, term deposits. You can open them at any RB branch.
  • Our Internet Banking is also designed for users who have the LINUX operating system or clients who have the Apple Macintosh platform, or users who use alternative Internet browsers such as Mozilla Firefox, Opera, etc.

Advantages for Your Company

  • You are informed
    • You know the current balance on your accounts
    • You can check at any time which transactions on your accounts were made
    • You have immediate information about any transaction
  • It is convenient
    • You have banking services available 24 hours a day
    • You can access banking services from your home, work, abroad
    • You do not have to go or wait anywhere
  • You save
    • Time –information about your account within several seconds, a payment order within a minute
    • Money – banking transactions are cheaper
    • Less worries – you can change a standing order at any time, you can recharge your mobile phone at any time.


You need

  • Current account (Profikonto, Benefitkonto, Dualkonto etc.)
  • Technical conditions
    • Computer connected to the Internet
    • Internet browser supporting the standards HTML 4.0 and SSL 3.0
    • For signing orders, you need either - Mobile phone activated in the network of any Czech mobile phone operator (SMS codes) or - Java support in the browser (signature certificates)
  • In order to set up Internet Banking, you must go to any Raiffeisenbank branch and sign a Direct Banking contract.

Scope of Internet Banking

Internet Banking currently provides its users with the following information and functions:

  • Account information
    • Viewing and printing of current account balances
    • Viewing and printing of (cleared) transactions on accounts for past 12 months
    • Viewing and printing of today’s (non-cleared) transactions on accounts
    • Viewing, printing and exporting of account statements for past 12 months
    • Giving own names to accounts
  • Payment orders and term deposit requests
    • Making domestic (local) one-time payment orders
    • Making new payment orders based on old payment orders
    • Requesting standing payment orders
    • Changing and canceling of standing payment orders
    • Making foreign payment orders
    • Making intrabank foreign currency payment orders
    • Requesting term deposits
    • Increasing, decreasing and canceling regular term deposits
    • Requesting recharging of telephones of the company O2
    • Requesting SIPO, collection, GSM Banking and Phone Banking
    • Viewing and printing of orders and requests sent in past 6 months
    • Checking the current status of sent orders and requests
    • Giving own names to orders and requests
    • Sending SMS and emails confirming realised orders and requests.
  • Investments
    • Purchase and sale of investment products of Raiffeisen Capital Management and ČP Invest 
  • Infoservis - ordering of SMS and emails with account information
    • Regular balance
    • Balance decrease / increase
    • Transaction information
    • Electronic account statement
  • Administration of authentication methods
    • Registration of the signature certificate
    • Administration of SMS codes
    • Change in the logon password
  • Actual list of payment templates
    • Giving own names
    • Sharing with other users
  • Bank (public) information
    • Viewing and printing of the bank’s current table of foreign exchanges
    • Viewing and printing of current interest rates of term deposits
  • Custom-made secured communication with the bank
    • Creating messages for the bank
    • Making pre-defined and open requests
    • Viewing of messages from the bank


Internet Banking meets today’s strictest security criteria.

  • Access to your account is secured with the logon name and password.
  • Orders are confirmed based on the signature certificate protected by a password or a one-time SMS code sent to your mobile phone.

For more information about security

Demo Version

To try Internet Banking for free, click here.


For the price list of products and services for individual entrepreneurs and legal entities, click here.

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